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Features Include

Exclusive Network

An exclusive network connecting you to industry, businesses, community organisations and more who can help reclaim value from your materials

Sharing Resources

Resource & knowledge sharing tools to learn from how others are implementing circular economy practices

Unique Marketplace

A marketplace to sell, buy or exchange surplus resources and by-products


Circular farms makes it easy

CircularFarms makes it easy for farmers to explore and embrace the many possibilities of circular economy methods.

A circular economy is a system - local, regional or otherwise - designed to minimise environmental impact while maximising use and value of resources.


What is circular economy

and why agriculture?


Repair, Recycle, Recover

By keeping resources in use as long as possible through repair, recycling and material recovery, we can reduce the costs of our production and consumption, extract the most benefit from every activity, and encourage new, efficient ways of thinking. Industry and government across Australia and the world are moving toward circular systems. 


Ag has great potential

Few industries hold the potential and opportunity that agriculture does - to not only limit their impact on our planet, but actively regenerate it through improving soil health and nourishing communities. 


Diverse Applications

The organic products and industrial materials used and generated by our food and fibre sectors have a range of applications across our economy. Damaged vegetables can be composted. Idle machinery can be loaned out. Old building tools and materials can be broken down, reclaimed and repurposed.


Farmers are Resourceful

And on top of this, farmers are simply some of the most resourceful, passionate people in the world.


Farmers can use circular economy principles to:

  • Sell or divert surplus produce to processors or food rescue organisations

  • Recycle nutrients and water in closed loops rather than relying on inputs from outside the farm

  • Create new revenue streams by recovering value from waste streams and by-products.

  • Feed those in need

  • Improve soil health, leading to carbon sequestration, improved crop yields and better resilience to climate change.


And much more.

Our Partners

We’re here to drive the adoption of circular economy practices in agriculture, to create a more sustainable and resilient food system for all of us. We strive to reduce waste, conserve resources, and provide communities with accessible and nutritious food options, all while preserving the health of our planet.

We believe in collaboration, resourcefulness, and a flourishing economy that prioritises the wellbeing of farmers, consumers and the environment. Our platform is designed to facilitate the connections and ideas that make it possible. And through our collaboration, marketplace and exchange tools, we’re empowering farmers and communities to make these strides.

Driving the circular economy in agriculture

A more sustainable and resilient food system for us all







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Circular Farms is a successful funding recipient through the Victorian Government’s Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre, delivered by Sustainability Victoria

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