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A circular economy is a system - local, regional or otherwise - designed to minimise environmental impact while maximising use and value of resources.

Find out what you can do with Circular Farms

It's time to help the future


Supporting Farmers

With lots to gain and a big impact to be made, we believe farmers will be the champions of our transition to more circular economies. Our tools can help you be paid for more of your harvest and create new revenue streams all while building a more sustainable enterprise. Primary producers of any size can join their local CircularFarms hub - find your region here.


Creating resilient food systems

The recent natural disasters and panic-buying events have exposed the weakness of our current food system. CircularFarms offers a solution by utilizing circular economy principles to enhance productivity, affordability, and dependability within communities. This results in better overall health and reduced disruptions to the food supply.


For our environment

CircularFarms is committed to reducing food waste and its impact on the environment. If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter globally, behind only the US and China. With CircularFarms, every crate of salvaged fruit helps to prevent greenhouse gas emissions, and every farm structure built from recycled materials conserves valuable natural resources. Join us in our mission to not only stop further depletion of the earth's resources, but to actively nourish it through initiatives like creating soil enhancer

We give farmers the tools to easily embrace and benefit from circular economies. Less waste, more profit, stronger value chains, sustainable communities.


CircularFarms is a digital platform connecting farmers, industry and researchers in collaborative, benefit-driven networks. Bringing together key players in a region, it’s a place to share knowledge and draw the most value from every resource by making it easy to reduce, repair and recycle.

You can sell your surplus, exchange byproducts, share assets, find new partners in innovation and more.

As regions across Australia lead the charge in transitioning to these methods for a more sustainable future, we’re making it easy to jump on board.

The Circular Way of Farming

40% of farm produce is not leaving the farm!

What if we could put that 40% back into the economy?

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