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Find buyers for more of your harvest

Have excess, low-grade or damaged produce? List it on the CircularFarms marketplace to prevent it going to waste. You’ll get exposure to a range of potential buyers you might never have thought of, who all understand circular economy and are on the hunt for produce just like yours. You can also use the Harvest Projections feature to share information on upcoming crops and find a buyer ahead of time. Only have a limited quantity? No problem - buyers can aggregate orders from multiple small sellers to reach the quantities they need, without you having to bend over backwards.


Collaborate for new revenue streams or low-cost inputs

It doesn’t have to be a buy-and-sell transaction - you can use the platform to find and foster mutually-beneficial relationships or trades, like:

  • accessing waste product like spoiled vegetables or spent brewers grain for low-cost livestock feed, or manure for compost and fertiliser.

  • creating a co-branded value-added product with local manufacturers, artisans or or chefs, like sauces, skincare and more from byproducts.


Give back to the community

Just need to get produce or material off your hands? Or maybe want to support local community organisations but don’t have the time to volunteer? You can also list products and materials as free to collect for charitable organisations like food banks and community kitchens to claim and collect. 


Recoup costs of used or leftover materials

Reducing waste through circular economy is also about material efficiency. Use the CircularFarms marketplace to sell (or buy) resources like fence posts, wire, dismantled sheds - keeping valuable resources out of landfill, and more money in your pocket. Thanks to CircularFarms’ sustainability networks, you’ll be able to reach beyond your peer circles and find new potential buyers or partners. Like food/organic waste, you can also donate these items.


Rent, repair or recycle machinery and equipment

Your under-utilised assets can work for you. You can use CircularFarms to rent out equipment, or hire a tool you only need from time-to-time from a neighbour. You can also list damaged or broken down machinery to find someone capable of repairing or interested in buying to fix up. And if it’s truly beyond saving, you can still list it for someone interested in parts and material.


Connect with Carbon Markets

A carbon market is a mechanism that incentivizes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by putting a monetary value on emissions reductions. Farms can participate in these markets and benefit in several ways, including financial incentives through the sale of carbon credits, improved competitiveness, increased revenue, improved reputation, compliance with regulatory requirements, and reduced emissions. By participating in a carbon market, farms can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and take concrete steps to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

We’re here to help you get the most benefit and value from every resource -  reusing, repairing and recycling, not extracting and discarding. 

Our platform packs a range of tools and features that make it easy to embrace circular economy principles and build thriving communities. Whether you want to prevent food waste, create innovative new offerings, recoup costs or give back to those in need, read on.

Solutions and Benefits

There's so much to gain with CircularFarms

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