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Join the Gipplsand CircularFarms hub

Become a part of your local circular economy today

Supported by Gippsland Food and Fibre, local farmers, manufacturers, food banks and more can join the local CircularFarms platform to sell, collaborate and share resources - reducing waste while maximising productivity.

As a large region home to a diverse range of agricultural industries, our tools are helping Gippsland farmers find new opportunities and deepen their positive impact. Together we’re contributing to the region’s 7 billion dollar food and fibre sector, and to a more resilient food future for the 250 smaller communities who call it home.


CircularFarms is launched in Gippsland, VIC

home to one of Victoria’s 5 Regional Circular Economy Plans

Watch this more space as more regions across Australia are added over time.

Or better yet - if you’re a local government, farmers association or local changemaker,

get in touch for a chat about how your community can start reaping the benefits.

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